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What is Atsusacon?
Our goal is to organise a yearly festival concerning Japanese pop culture and traditional culture. In doing this, we separate ourselves from other Belgian conventions in different ways. Atsusacon has been organised since 2011 by Ganbaro vzw.

What makes Atsusacon unique in Belgium?
For starters, we specialize in Japanese media and culture. In concrete terms we mean anime, manga and cosplay, but also drama series, J-music, games and the traditional culture. We also mean to reach the Dutch and English market and not the French market.
Secondly, Atsusacon is organised by a non-profit organisation. We organise a festival by fans, for fans. At other Belgian conventions, dealers and buying are the central theme, but at Atsusacon we aim to make the program and events the main event. If you want to, you can fill the entire weekend at Atsusacon with a large range of activities. This means panels, lectures, workshops, contests, demonstrations, video screenings and games.
Atsusacon was organised because there’s no comparable event in Belgium, in contrast to many other countries. We hope to bring a unique experience that you can only find at Atsusacon.

A few examples from our wide offer of activities:

  • Workshops: Learning how to make cosplay props or bento’s, everything is possible.
  • Lectures: lectures about traditional Japanese culture or aspects of Japanese pop culture.
  • Dealers: dealers with anime and manga merchandise
  • Game room: you can play retro or new games here! We also have karaoke and DDR.
  • Cosplay contests: cosplayers with a fun act or beautiful costume can join to win a prize
  • Contests: there’s also many other ways to earn a prize at Atsusacon, or you can join for fun
  • Sport demonstrations: every year we invite several sport clubs who give demonstrations and a possible initiation
  • Board Games: at Atsusacon you can get to know both traditional games like Go, Shogi and Othello or more modern Asian-inspired board games.