Ganbaro vzw

Who are we?

Atsusacon is organised by a team of 8 motivated volunteers who use their free time in the year to make sure Atsusacon is as good as possible!


Activities & General coordination

Started in 2011 as organiser of the Atsusacon Quiz and has grown to be the big man and general coordinator.



Glenn has been around since the first edition to organise the dealers that visit Atsusacon and is momentarily also the secretary. Armed with an obsessive love for Japan he makes sure that Atsusacon is the best event for like-minded people!



Bart is the treasurer of the non-profit and is active within Ganbaro vzw since the first edition of Atsusacon. The main reason for working within the organisation is his passion for Asian culture, and more specifically the Japanese culture and besides that also the anime and Japanese kitchen. At the convention you can often find Bart working behind the cash register, his home from where he works for the financial landscape of the convention.


Materials Manager & General coordination

Lover of games, Nintendo fanboy and devourer of all sorts of Japanese cuisine. This lover of Japanese culture leads with loud voice and a strong team to a better Atsusacon.


HR & Catering

Elke is our ‘people person’, she mainly searches and motivates our volunteers. On top of that, she helps Daisy with the search for fun foodtrucks and caterers. In her free time she enjoys cosplay and videography, so she is someone who can constantly look at things with a fresh and creative perspective.

With her passion for events it’s only natural she’s studied and passed as eventmanager. She hopes to organise events for fans, by fans.


Decoration & Catering

As intern at Matexpo and organiser of the Winter Wonder Cosplay Ball, Daisy has some experience in eventmanagement. She decorates the convention and helps with catering, which interests her a lot. Besides that she also loves drawing, cosplay and dogs.